ISS Early Career Grant Awardees

Early Career Grant Awardees


Alexandra Gersing

"Automated detection, classification and diagnostic management of benign and malignant bone lesions using multitask deep learning models : 93"

Karen Yik Ting Cheng

"Ultrashort Echo Time (UTE) – Double Echo Steady 1 State (UTE-DESS) MRI of Musculoskeletal Tissues : 72"

Vidyani Suryadevara

"Detection of senescence by [18F]-PyGal radiotracer in talus from osteoarthritic ankles : 91"


Falko Ensle
"Diagnostic Performance in 3D MR Neurography Using a Deep-learning Based Reconstruction Algorithm"

Malwina Kaniewska
"USPIO-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Neurography of the Lumbar Spine: Impact on Vascular Suppression and Image Quality"

Kamyar Moradi
"Diabetes and its Association with Thigh Muscle Quality in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients: A Deep Learning-based MRI Analysis"


Pranav Ajmera
"Using Deep Learning to Create a Model for Automating Chemical Shift Imaging (CSI) Assessment Of Vertebral Lesions"

Karen Cheng
"3T UTE and ZTE MRI: Characterization of the Plantar Fascia Enthesis Compared with Conventional MRI and a Histologic Standard"

Jonas Getzmann
"Comparison of 3D Automated Ultrasound Tomography with Standard Handheld Ultrasound for the Visualization of the Hands"

Salvatore Gitto
"Radiomics-based machine-learning classification of lipomatous soft-tissue tumors of the extremities"