ISS RAD-PATH-SURG Lecture Series Meetings

International Skeletal Society
RAD-PATH-SURG Lecture Series

The International Skeletal Society (ISS) is pleased to announce our new “mini-members meeting” lecture series consisting of radiology-pathology case conferences alternating with didactic conferences. Each of the didactic conferences will be hosted by a national musculoskeletal society that is affiliated with the International Skeletal Society. These lectures will be open to members of all national Musculoskeletal (Radiology, Pathology, and Orthopedic) Societies to introduce them to the ISS. 


The second VIRTUAL RAD-PATH-SURG Case Conference was held June 10th. Four challenging cases were presented followed by live virtual discussions, questions and answers. The on-demand recording of this Lecture Series will be available soon! 


The first RAD-PATH-SURG Case Conference was held April 10th. Four challenging cases were presented, followed by discussions and questions. The meeting was moderated by Carol Morris, Julie Fanburg-Smith and Mark Murphey.