Membership Guidelines

General Guidelines

  Applications must be submitted online accompanied by a completed membership application form and curriculum vitae that includes a listing of all publications of the applicant.

  An applicant must document his/her interest in joining the Society and must indicate the manner in which he/she will support the Society activities. This information should be provided on the application form.

  A candidate for membership shall have been actively engaged in his/her professional career for at least four (4) years following completion of a residency or post-graduate training program.

  An applicant should have demonstrated a significant interest in musculoskeletal disorders with approximately fifty percent or greater professional efforts focused in this area.

  An applicant must have demonstrated support for the ISS by attending the yearly symposium, publishing articles in Skeletal Radiology and/or other similar activities.

  An applicant should have working knowledge of the English language.

  In addition, the candidate should have a record of academic publication as evidenced by being first or senior author on a minimum of six (6) publications related to musculoskeletal disorders that have either appeared in refereed journals or are recognized by the membership committee as significant publications. It is recommended that at least 3 of the 6 publications be in English. However, the Membership Committee may at its discretion recommend candidates who do not meet these criteria if they feel the candidate meets an unfulfilled need of the society, such as geographic or subspecialty representation.

  All applications must be accompanied by two supporting letters from active members of the Society one of whom must be in the same discipline as the applicant. In order to ensure the quality of recommendations: a. Each active member is allowed to sponsor only two applicants per review year cycle. b. Each recommendation should describe how long the member has known the applicant and whether he or she has actually worked with him/her. 

  An effort will be made by the Membership Committee to achieve a geographic balance among the members at large. The proportion of American members should not exceed 66%.