The ISS is an interdisciplinary society dedicated to the learning, understanding and teaching of musculoskeletal disorders. The concept of the ISS was developed in 1972 by three internationally renowned radiologists, Harold G. Jacobson, MD, Ronald O. Murray, MD and Jack Edeiken, MD.

From the beginning, the Society established itself as a premier society, and its members, all experts in their respective fields,continue to make significant contributions to the field of medicine. The sharing of knowledge and a feeling of camaraderie by the members has made this truly a unique society.


The mission of the International Skeletal Society is to bring together, through an educational non-profit society, radiologists, pathologists, orthopedic surgeons and other specialists dedicated to the furtherance of the art and science of musculoskeletal imaging and to the understanding, diagnosis, and therapy of musculoskeletal disorders.

It accomplishes this by providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas among ISS members and between members and non-members, providing continuing education in the field of musculoskeletal disorders, maintaining a journal as the official publication of the society and fostering the development of groups or societies in countries and regions where the diagnosis and clinical management of musculoskeletal disorders remain subordinate.

Detailed History

  The International Skeletal Society History