ISS Editorial Fellowship with Skeletal Radiology

Founders’ Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Editing
Skeletal Radiology, the preeminent scientific journal dedicated to musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders, is owned by the International Skeletal Society (ISS) and published by Springer. The Founders’ Fellowship in Musculoskeletal Editing is awarded yearly to one physician or scientist who is interested in medical publishing and MSK disorders. It commemorates the first Editors of Skeletal Radiology, Harold Jacobson, Jack Edeiken and Ronald Murray.
Fellowship description
The Founders’ Fellowship is suitable for academic faculty who have begun to do research and publish their work. It is also suitable for established faculty who would like to be more involved in journal activities.
It offers the opportunity to learn medical publishing, editorial leadership and ethics under the mentorship of the Editors of Skeletal Radiology and senior members of the Springer publishing team.
It teaches manuscript evaluation, editing and production. The Fellow learns the fundamentals of peer review and the elements of a good review. The Fellowship provides interaction with both reviewers and authors, participation in the selection of articles for publication, and management of articles in support of a production schedule.
The Fellowship has specific goals related to Skeletal Radiology and the ISS:

  • Groom individuals as peer-reviewers and future editors
  • Add promising individuals to the Editorial Board
  • Increase visibility and the submission of manuscripts
  • Connect with leaders in MSK science and education. 

Fellowship activities:
The Founders’ Fellow has direct contact with the Editors of Skeletal Radiology and the production staff at Springer. Over the course of the year, contact with Editors would include one-on-one discussions that could take place in person or by video conferencing.

The Fellow will serve a one-year term that begins with the Annual Meeting of the ISS. Most activities are performed remotely. Attendance is expected at the 1) Editorial Board meeting (during the ISS Annual Meeting), and 2) Editors’ retreat with Springer. Attendance is optional at the Editors’ Forum (organized for the editors of journals focused on imaging).

The individual will be listed on the masthead of Skeletal Radiology. The Fellow must complete conflict-of-interest and confidentiality documents. During the Founders’ Fellowship, the

Fellow cannot serve on the editorial boards of other journals.

The ISS will award the Fellow $10,000 to cover travel and meeting expenses related to the Fellowship. The Fellow is required to submit expense reports and receipts.
During the first 6 months:

  • Review reference materials and training documents with senior members of the Springer Nature publishing team.
  • Use customized training material to learn Editorial Manager, the manuscript review system.
  • Participate in peer review. Assess manuscripts and draft reviews. Receive guidance and feedback form Editors. Following an introductory period, the Fellow submits formal reviews in Editorial Manager. 

During the second 6 months, at the discretion of Editors:
Gain responsibilities as Associate Editor with commensurate privileges in Editorial Manager. Under the supervision of Editors, process and edit manuscripts from submission to final disposition including reviewer invitations and author communications. Video conferencing will provide opportunities for discussion.

Over the course of the fellowship year:
Spearhead a project or special issue supervised by one or more of the Editors. A project may lead to a presentation or publication. Work towards a special issue of Skeletal Radiology would involve topic selection, author invitation, manuscript processing and issue building.
Fellowship Eligibility:
Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Physician or scientist active in MSK practice or research. Special consideration will be given to members of the ISS or one of its affiliated societies.
  • Lead author of one or more MSK scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Special consideration will be given to authors of articles published in Skeletal Radiology.

Fellowship Application

Applications must include the following:

  • Letter of intent stating qualifications, objectives. It is important to explain how the Fellowship relates to your career goals.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Two supporting letters. One letter should be written by your section head, department chair or director. The second letter should be written by a senior physician or scientist working in the field of MSK medicine. These letters should be emailed directly to [email protected] 

The application deadline is April 15th. Final decisions are made by June 1st the same year. Please send any questions to [email protected]

The Editors of Skeletal Radiology will review application materials and select one Fellow among the applicants. The name of the new Fellow will be announced prior to the ISS Annual Meeting.

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