Steering Committee Minutes - November 1972

Minutes of Steering Committee of International Skeletal Society held on Tuesday November 28, 1972 at the Palmer House in Chicago, Illinois during the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, at 5:30pm in the Suite of the American College of Radiology

Present were Dr Jack Edeiken, Dr Harold G Jacobson, Dr Herbert Kauffman, Dr Gwilym Lodwick, Dr Maurice Reeder and Dr Elias G Theros.

Absent: Dr Ronald O Murray

Drs Reeder and Theros reported on their investigations for a suitable course site for the preliminary course to be presented in 1974. Williamsburg, Virginia was a possibility for either March or November 1974, March 6th to 10th being the most likely time. The Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington DC or the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC were also considered as alternatives – the Mayflower Hotel for April 27 to May 1 or the Washington Hilton for April 6 to 10.

Because of the proximity in time to the American College of Radiology meeting set for April 1 to 6, 1974, the dates of March 6 to 10 for Williamsburg, Virginia, appeared to be the most suitable, but no definitive decision was made and the matter was left in abeyance pending other possibilities to be investigated.

Dr Jacobson informed the Steering Committee of Dr Henry Pendergrass’ suggestion that the ISS meet in London in conjunction with the meeting of the Eastern Radiological Society in 1974. While it was felt that such support would be useful, the Steering Committee agreed that an initial meeting overseas might prove to be a financial hardship for the membership and it was the unanimous opinion of the Steering Committee that the inaugural meeting of the Society should be held in the States.

Several parts of a tentative Constitution and By-Laws prepared by Dr Edeiken were introduced and read. The categorisation of members as well as age limitations as contained in Dr Edeiken’s draft were discussed with recommendations offered for changing the original categories to either “ Fellows” or “Members” with perhaps the inclusion of an additional grouping of “Honorary Fellows” to include those prestigious individuals who would not actively participate in the activities of the ISS. They would be considered voluntary “inactive” members of the Society. It was Dr Jacobson’s considered opinion that age limitations should be abolished completely.

A proposal was made to initially limit membership in the Society to no more than 80 to 100 active members of “Fellows” (not including Honorary Fellows). The names of
new members contacted by Dr Murray in London and who accepted membership were added to the original roster with a suggestion that no additional candidates be recommended until the total present membership was established. Dr Edeiken and Dr Lodwick were chosen as a committee to review the current membership roster as to status and to report to the Steering Committee on their determinations.

The matter of incorporation and dues was then introduced with a final decision being made that initial dues for all members be set at $50.00 for the first year with the proviso that the amount would be changed thereafter, if it was found necessary to do so.

Each member of the Steering Committee agreed to review the By-Laws as prepared by Dr Edeiken. Any recommendations, additions, deletions or changes would be brought up for discussion either by telephone contact between the members of the Steering Committee or at a subsequent meeting. A finalised set of By-Laws and Constitution would then be prepared and offered to the membership at large for approval and ratification.

Dr Jacobson informed the Steering Committee of an expressed willingness by Dr Douglas MacEwen, the editor of the Canadian Journal of Radiology to accept an editorial in the “journal” publicising the ISS. The Steering Committee agreed that this might be effective and it was recommended that several other journals be similarly approached. Dr Lodwick agreed to contact Dr Eyler of Radiology; Dr Edeiken was to contact Dr Krabbenhoft, the Editor of American Journal of Roentgenology, Radium Therapy and Nuclear Medicine. Dr Kaufmann agreed to contact Dr Grainger of Clinical Radiology. If successful, similar editorials would be inserted in these journals. Dr Ronald Murray would be asked to approach the British Journal of Radiology for similar acceptance.

A brief acceptance ensued relative to the first Refresher Course to be held in 1974. the format might consist of a two day meeting to include a business meeting and presentation of formal papers (Saturday and Sunday). This would be followed by a three day series of Refresher Courses, part of which would be devoted to radiological computerisation.

ADDENDUM: Since this meeting was held the members of the Steering Committee have decided upon the following:

  1. That there be no age limitation
  2. That there be only one class of membership with the deletion of the“Fellow” category.
  3. That the first Scientific Meeting and Post Graduate Course, because of a number of competing meetings in the first half of 1974, be held sometime in the latter half of 1974 in the United States. The exact time and place will be determined.