Steering Committee Minutes - February 1973

Minutes of the Steering Committee et al, of the International Skeletal Society held on February 15, 1973 in the office of Jack Edeiken, MD at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Present were: Jack Edeiken, John A Kirkpatrick, Harold G Jacobson, Murray K Dalinka, Maurice Reeder, Herbert Kaufmann, and Attorney Herbert R Weiman.

Absent: Elias G Theros, Ronald O Murray and Gwilym S Lodwick.

The current membership roster which included all who had been contacted initially, both locally and internationally, and who had accepted membership in the International Skeletal Society was reviewed. To date, the membership includes 55 Active Members and 5 Honorary Fellows. The latter category is not to be included in the final counting of membership and will not affect the number of people who will be added to current membership listing.

Mr Weiman stated that the By-Laws of the International Skeletal Society as prepared by Dr Edeiken were essentially accurate and in good form but that minor additions and/or corrections would have to be included such as a clause dealing with “funds” – what would monies be used for, where would monies be kept etc. It was indicated that a “main office” would have to be established. In as much as the Articles of Incorporation are registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the “main office” would have to be established in the State of Pennsylvania. Subsidiary offices may be set up in any other State and this most likely would be done. When the By-Laws are completed by Mr Weiman, they would be submitted for ratification.

Dr Kaufmann raised the issue of the original intent of the Society as being that of a select group and felt that membership should be limited to no more than 100.

Dr Edeiken suggested that the idea of limited membership be deleted and that an “Authors Group” composed of select individuals within the Society, be formed. This “Authors Group” would meet at the time of the International Skeletal Society meeting and the basic requirements for membership in this intra-society group would be that these individuals must have authored or co-authored a minimum of 12 articles or a text dealing with skeletal disease. It was suggested that Mr Weiman (who had left earlier) be contracted and instructed to make provision for this “Authors Group” to be included in the By-Laws.

The suggestion was made that all members are to be informed (this, too, to be included in By-Laws) that they would be dropped from membership unless they attended a meeting of the International Skeletal Society, at least once in two years. This requisite would be waived for those individuals who reside in a country other than the one in which the meeting is being held.

Dr Jacobson indicated that he would be sending an editorial publicising the ISS to Dr MacEwan by September.

Dr Edeiken who will head the Program Committee introduced the matter of the first Postgraduate Program to be held from March 23 to March 27, 1974 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC (USA).

In essence the format would be as follows:

  Friday night, March 22, 1974 – Business Meeting

  Saturday, March 23, 1974 – 8:30am to 4:30 or 5:00pm – Registration and Scientific Meeting

  Sunday, March 24, 1974 – 9:00am to 12:00 noon – Scientific Meeting

  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 25, 26 and 27, 1974 – Refresher Courses

The issue of dues was introduced with a unanimous decision to set annual dues at $75.00 for all members for the first year, subject to change if necessary. All members would be allowed to attend the Postgraduate Course free of charge.

The sum of $160.00 for physicians and $80.00 for resident physicians was set as the fee for attendance at the Refresher Courses. This sum would include 3 lunches and 1 cocktail party.

The Steering Committee unanimously agreed that the ISS would assume the transportation fee for Dr Ronald O Murray for his attendance at the forthcoming meeting.

Recommendations were made to contact additional physicians for membership in the Society. These recommendations included:

  • Corinne Farrell, (R) USA
  • Lauren Ackerman, (P) USA
  • Jackson Burrows, (O) UK
  • Professor E Uehlinger(P) Switzerland
  • John Moseley, MD USA
  • John L Gwinn, (R) USA
  • W Paul Butt, (R) Canada
  • Rolf Noer, USA
  • Mary Fisher, USA
  • Robert Wilkinson, (R) USA
  • Robert Rosen,USA
  • Richard Rosen, (R) USA
  • Stanley Craig, USA
  • Morris E Kricun, (R) USA
  • Henry P Pendergrass, (R) USA
  • Luther W Brady, (R) MD
  • Hanno Poppe Germany
  • Theodore Van Rijssel Netherlands
  • R G van der Heul Netherlands
  • Philip Wood, (R) UK
  • Jacob Jerushalmay, USA
  • Sven-olaf Ahlbach, Sweden
  • Akbar Bonakdarpour, (R) USA
  • Michael Pitt, (R) USA
  • Martin Gelman, (R USA
  • Lelan Sosman, (TUSA
  • Richard R Schreiber, (O) USA
  • Wen Kulik, USA
  • Jack W Snarr, USA
  • John Weston, (R) New Zealand
  • E B D Neuhauser, (R) USA
  • Leonard Langer, USA
  • Jurgen Spranger Germany
  • Andrew Poznanski, (R) USA
  • John Holt, (R) USA
  • Frederick Silverman, (R) USA
  • Hooshang Taybi, (R) USA
  • John Dorst, (R) MD USA
  • Peter Cockshott, (R) Canada
  • Stanley Bohrer, (R) Nigeria
  • W P Pattinson, (R) UK
  • Robert Gorlin, USA
  • Jack Reynolds, USA
  • Robert Sherman, USA
  • Anne Kosenskaia, Russia
  • Philip Palmer, (R) USA
  • Robert S Ormond, USA
  • Harold M Frost, USA
  • Robert Allman, USA
  • Richard Cavanagh, USA
  • Dan Wilner, USA
  • Colnel LeRoy Thompson (R) USA
  • George Simon, (R) UK
  • C E Dent, (Rh) UK
  • T G Fairbank, (O) UK