Index of Development

Index of Development 1972-1973

October 4, 1972

The initial organisational meeting was held in Washington DC during the Annual Meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society.

Harold G Jacobson, MD of New York outlined the purpose of this initial organisational meeting which was intended primarily to exchange ideas regarding the formation and establishment of a radiologically oriented skeletal society, international in scope, the major interest of which would be the dissemination of information pertaining to the skeleton.

Ronald O Murray, MD of London indicated to the group that the ultimate success which might accrue from such an organisation would have to depend upon a symbiotic alliance and inclusion of members in the allied fields of skeletal radiology such as orthopaedics, pathology and physiology, to which all present agreed.

Jack Edeiken, MD of Philadelphia favoured the concept of a small intimate and preferential group of members with rigorous prerequisites for membership, with the function and purpose of teaching and stimulating young radiologists to eventually seek membership in such a society.

The matter of a suitable name for this proposed skeletal organisation was introduced and although some ideas were offered, it was decided that for the present the society would be referred to as “THE INTERNATIONAL SKELETAL SOCIETY”.

Dr Med Herbert Kaufmann of Berlin made the recommendation that a seven member Steering Committee also should be appointed to meet in the near future to work out details regarding governance, dues, membership, refresher courses etc.

November 28, 1972

Meeting of the Steering Committee of the International Skeletal Society in Chicago during the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. Drs Jack Edeiken, Harold G Jacobson, Herbert Kaufmann, Gwilyn Lodwick, Maurice Reeder and Elias G Theros were present. Several parts of a tentative Constitution and By-Laws prepared by Jack Edeiken were introduced and read. Each member agreed to review the By-Laws.

February 15, 1973

Meeting of the Steering Committee of the International Skeletal Society at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jack Edeiken, John A Kirkpatrick Jr, Harold G Jacobson, Murray K Dalinka, Maurice Reeder, Herbert Kaufmann, and Attorney Herbert R Weiman were present. The By-Laws of the International Skeletal Society as prepared by Dr Edeiken were essentially accurate and in good form. Mr Weiman stated that minor additions and/or corrections would have to be included. It was indicated that a “main office” would have to be established. In as much as the articles of incorporation are registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the “main office” would have to be established in the State of Pennsylvania. Jack Edeiken who will head the Program Committee introduced the matter of the First Postgraduate Program to be held from March 23 - 27, 1974 at the Washington Hilton in Washington DC, USA.

November 29, 1973

Meeting of the Steering Committee of the International Skeletal Society in Chicago. Drs Harold G Jacobson, Elias G Theros, Maurice Reeder, Gwilyn Lodwick, Herbert Kaufmann, Jack Edeiken were present. The Steering Committee agreed that the President-Elect should serve two years. In the first two years Harold G Jacobson should be Founding President. Each departing president will serve in the Steering Committee for an additional three years. The Steering Committee approved in principal a journal to be published six times a year. In this journal will be published the cases presented at the Annual Meeting of the ISS and articles on skeletal radiology.