Proposed ISS Bylaws Changes

Vote at Annual Business Meeting
October 9th - 7:00am • London, England

Dear ISS Members,

On behalf of the Executive Committee and the Rules Committee we are distributing the Proposed Bylaws Changes that will be brought to a vote during the upcoming Annual Business Meeting taking place Monday, October 9th at 7:00am at the QEII Convention Center in London.

Master List of 2023 proposed Bylaws Changes                                  

  • Review Language for Refresher Course committee: 
    Increase duration of chair position to 2 years

    • For vote at 2023 Annual Meeting

  • Membership and voting rights of the elected Officers: In the current bylaws there is a table for Appendix A with a short footnote. This shall be replaced by the new table as well as a short description of the underlying principles.

    • For vote at 2023 Annual Meeting

  • Reporting requirements: Currently Appendix B consists of a table, which will be replaced in the bylaws with the new simplified paragraph.

    • For vote at 2023 Annual Meeting

  • Consider adapting bylaws regarding the outreach program:
    The current wording is very restrictive. We should allow for additional members, especially pathologists.

    • For vote at 2023 Annual Meeting

  • Editor Award should also be mentioned in bylaws

    • For vote at 2023 Annual Meeting

  • Ultrasound course committee: Bylaws proposal was created.

    • For vote at 2023 Annual Meeting

  • Small editorial change: Wording of Prize committee

"…in the preceding calendar year for Corinne Farrell Awards…"

  • ISS Leadership Terms of Office: A visualization of the transition to the new process, which itself is not in the bylaws is included in Proposed Bylaws Change document. 

Our legal advisors are also working on some proposed bylaws changes related to the Appendix C - Endowment Fund language and we will add those proposed changes to the website link as soon as possible so that you can review this language prior to the upcoming meeting.



We look forward to seeing you all in London!


Sue O’Sullivan
ISS Executive Director