ISS Research Seed Grant Application - 2023

The International Skeletal Society promotes scholarly activity and offers members the opportunity to identify challenges and test hypotheses in the field of musculoskeletal research. Two research seed grants will be awarded each year.


Applicants at all stages of career are eligible for this grant as long as it is mentored by an ISS member.  Applicants should describe the nature of the proposed research within the context of their current scholarly activity. Greater emphasis will be placed on efforts that serve as preliminary data for larger funding mechanisms, and are a part of a strategic career development plan. 

No restrictions on the nature of research projects are imposed. Any project proposing human subjects or animals requiring IRB or IACUC approval respectively, should acknowledge this requirement and include a proposed timeline for said approval.

Multidisciplinary grants are encouraged.


Grant recipients will receive up to $30,000 that can be budgeted over a one- or two-year period. The sum will be awarded to the applicant’s institution and may not be used to fund indirect costs, but may provide salary support limited to 40%. 

Grants will be transferred to recipient with the following timeline:

  • 50% upon award
  • 50% after 6 months with interim report.

No cost extension (one year maximum) permitted with approval.

Upload Your Project Description. Project Description should include the following:

  1. Title of the project
  2. Summary (max 400 words)
  3. State of the question (max 25 lines with max 5 references)
  4. Rationale. What the project should add to the information already available (max 10 lines)
  5. Primary and secondary objectives (max 10 lines)
  6. Methods. Specify, whenever applicable: study design; patients/population (inclusion/exclusion criteria); need for IRB; interventions/procedures; technology; indicators; statistical analysis (max 25 lines)
  7. Estimated project budget (no indirect costs permitted; salary support permitted but limited to 40%.)
  8. Expected results (max 15 lines)


CV and affiliation of the Researcher (Your CV must include):

Institution address:
CV / biosketch (max 4 pages) including

  • Professional medical curriculum (training, fellowship..)
  • Past research training activities and experience
  • List of the candidate’s most relevant publications
  • Motivation of the candidate

CV and affiliation of the Chief of the Clinical / Research Department in which the research will be performed (“Mentor”):

Institution address:
CV (max 3 pages):
List of the major publications published in the last five years
Information regarding the environment for the project purpose (equipment, scientific environment, subject populations, …).


Please attach your Letter of Support from your Mentor below. Your Letter of Support must state:

I, the undersigned Mentor ………….,
declare that the above mentioned Young Researcher will be allowed to perform their research in the Department directed by myself and that I will be responsible for their mentoring during the project. I also accept the conditions of the ISS Researchers Seed Grant.

Date:           Signature: