ISS Nominations for Executive Committee Vacancies - 2023

ISS Nominations for Executive Committee Vacancies

Dear ISS Members, 

Thank you to the Members at Large of the Executive Committee whose terms have been completed:

  • Dr. Judith Bovee, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Valerie Fitzhugh, USA
  • Dr. Eva Llopis, Spain

On behalf of the ISS nominating committee, I am pleased to inform you that the Committee has chosen the following members to be nominated for elected positions:

Secretary General
Eva Llopis (Spain), Radiologist

Laura Fayad (USA), Radiologist
Roberto Garcia (USA), Pathologist
Hidetaka Yamamoto (Japan), Pathologist

Nominees will be voted on by the membership at the 2023 Annual Business meeting on Monday, October 9th from 7:00am - 8:15am in London, England.

Eva Llopis
ISS Nominating Committee Chair