2020 Case Submission

ISS Barcelona 2020 Case Submission

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Invitation to Participate
The International Skeletal Society (ISS) invites members to submit cases for consideration for presentation in Barcelona at 2020 ISS Members Correlative Case Presentations (Former “Members Meeting”).
2020 ISS Members Correlative Case Presentations Meeting
October 3-6, 2020

  • Sat/Sun Microscopic Review
  • Sun Interdisciplinary MSK Course
  • Mon/Tues ISS Members Correlative Case Presentations

Hotel Arts Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Case Submission Deadline: Friday, January 24, 2020
Important notes before obtaining your online-case-submission-number:

  • Please start only one (1) new online-case-number for each (same) case.
  • CV is required by all presenters; please have these ready before submitting.
  • Disclosures are required by all authors; please get this information from your coauthors before online.
  • When online, please indicate which authors will be presenting and attending, if selected.
  • Each institution can submit as many cases as they would like, and as first author on up to two cases.
  • There must be at least one (1) ISS Member presenter on the podium for each case, please indicate member.

Submission Process:
Please complete your 2020 ISS Member Correlative Case Submission, using the three (3) steps below:

  1. Obtain Online-Case-Number: Use Catalyst web address:
  • Do not list the Final Diagnosis online (Final Diagnosis is listed on first slide of emailed PowerPoint).

2.     Email (only) completed PowerPoint Presentation with the Online-Case-Number generated by Catalyst:

  • Email each case separately to the following -  
    Email: 2020ISSMembersMeetingCases@gmail.com
  • Please use provided template PowerPoint (PPT): https://www.internationalskeletalsociety.com/2020-case-submission (this is submitted only to email address above, not online).
  • Please include online case number for email subject line and for name of case PPT.
  • Put on first PPT slide online-case-number, secret diagnosis, presenters (in order), institution, city, state (two-letter abbreviation), country, and corresponding email address.

3.     Mail your labeled Glass Slides and hard copy of your Online Case Number Form.

  • Use blank white labels for slides to indicate your Online Case Number and label all immunohistochemistry (IHC).
  • Print (part of) online-form: case number, history/slide information, and author byline.
  • Hand-write secret diagnosis on first page of printed form, next to case number.
  • Mail these by Fed Ex or Express Mail along with your 5 recut(s) +/- IHC glass slides.

Professor Dr. Julie C. Fanburg-Smith
ISS Members Meeting Chair, MSK Pathologist
(cc: J. Smith and M. Sahak)
FED EX 6829 Elm Street
McLean, VA 22101, USA
Tel: 1-703-623-7013

C/O Professor Dr. Julie C. Fanburg-Smith
ISS Members Meeting Chair, MSK Pathologist
(cc J. Smith)
1042 Dead Run Drive
McLean, VA  22101, USA
Tel: 1-703-623-7013
Deadline for Case Submission – January 24th (Complete Online Form, Email PPT, Mail Glass Slides)

**Accepted case presentation materials may be stored electronically and accessible to ISS members in digital format.